6 Vegan Women Who Kick Butt

It’s International Women’s Day! Every day is worth celebrating womenhood, but particularly today is a day to reflect on the underestimated accomplishments of women and the impact they’ve had on social justice! Here are some women who kick some major booty!

Coretta Scott King: Coretta Scott King was a fearlessly active and outspoken member of the Civil Rights Movement. She was also vegan for the last 10 years of her life, after spending all her life speaking out on behalf of anti-racism, women’s rights, and gay rights! She founded the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, and was CEO and President while being an avid lecturer and author.


Angela Davis: Angela Davis was an outspoken leader within the Black Power Movement, and was even sentenced to jail for her unapologetic fight for equality as she highlighted oppression within prison systems, racism and capitalism. She’s also a proud vegan and radical feminist, shown in her lectures when she will correlate all systems of oppression.

angela davis.jpg

Caroline White: Caroline White founded the first animal shelter in the U.S! She worked to create a Pennyslvania branch of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), but once she realized men were resilient to have women in leadership roles, she created the Women’s Humane Society.

caroline white.jpg

Charlotte Despard: Despard was a defender of women’s rights, animal rights and worker’s rights to the death – literally! She founded the Women’s Peace Crusade, the Women’s Freedom League, the Women’s Prisoners’ Defense League. She went on to serve on multiple social justice councils and was even imprisoned for unphased activism!


Margaret Dawson: Margaret Dawson was the organizing secretary of the International Animal Protection Societies, but like many vegans, her activism was apparent for all forms of life. She additionally founded a home for abandoned babies, campaigned against sex trafficking, assisted refugees during World War I, and founded the Women’s Police Volunteers.


Elsie Shrigley: Shrigley co-founded the Vegan Society shortly after breaking off from the Vegetarian Society, which more or less was the official beginning of veganism. She stayed on as President in the beginning, and continued to be an active committee member as long as she lived.


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