BAREfit Adventure Training


Our favorite kind of business is a vegan-run business! BAREfit Adventure training is Louisville’s one and only vegan-run gym!  The gym equipment consists of recycled and repurposed materials, so your work out will be environmentally friendly while you stay active! I just recently got a membership and tried out my first couple of classes, and let me tell you, this gym is no joke! My legs practically forgot how to walk the next day, but hey, that also might be due to not stepping into a gym for two years. 😉


The classes are set up for small groups, with different stations to help you work throughout your body. I love how the workouts are structured to focus on the endurance of our bodies and movements that could help us outside the gym, rather than solely focusing on exercises only designed to improve aesthetics of our bodies. On certain “whim days,” rather than working through a series of stations, your work out will be set up like an obstacle course! And if you need help or modifications, no worries! A skilled trainer is always there to guide you so you can push your body’s limits while you stay within your level. Along with training members, BAREfit offers assistance with meal planning and supports plant-based, non-GMO diets! And if that wasn’t enough, if you check into BAREfit on Facebook after your session, they will donate one dollar per visit towards their cause of the month! This gym has it all! The V-Grits team would definitely recommend checking BAREfit Adventure Training out for a fun, upbeat work out that has a high chance of being unlike any work out you’ve done prior!


Signing off for the Sentient,


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