25 Signs You’re Vegan

People might not realize what all they sign up for when they go vegan, but odds are they will be quick to find out! Check out these guaranteed relatable moments for every vegan!

  • When you’re bilingual – and by that we mean you’ve learned a second language of ingredients


  • You’re known as the person with the intense dairy allergy at your favorite Chipotle location, despite that you aren’t allergic to dairy
  • That feeling you get when the person next to you at the Whole Foods pizza counter gets the vegan pizza
  • That feeling you get when you see that person later at the check out line cashier with meat and realize they’re actually Paleo
  • When veganism opened you up to another social or political issue you never seemed to take interest in before.
  • Palm oil though?
  • When you visit a new city and would rather try out the vegan options than sight see
  • When you have a strong opinion about Gary Francione
  • When you daydream of a world that knows the difference between vegan and plant-based.
  • When you consider your first visit to an animal sanctuary to be life changing


  • When protein is the least of your concerns!
  • You know the perfect egg replacement for that new recipe you want to veganize
  • When you can’t see your food under all the nutritional yeast
  • You’ve tried vegan meat replacements raw before because you were just too lazy to cook it first
  • When a new product catches your eye and you know to go straight to the allergens before investing any more time or interest into the product
  • When road trips with non-vegans are pretty much an endless series of Taco Bell, but you know just how to order
  • When you can predict an omnivores facial expression after saying you don’t eat honey
  • When someone you just met says they’re vegan and


  • You’ve eaten at every vegan restaurant in town, and they all know you by name.
  • There is at least one Hampton Creek product in your fridge or freezer
  • When you’ve heard about plant feelings and potato screams on multiple occasions from self-proclaimed vegetable therapists
  • When you’ve practically forced someone into watching Earthlings
  • When seeing the astounding amount of vegan options at your mainstream grocery store has made you emotional
  • When you might forget your brother’s birthday, but will never forget your vegan ammo for vegan vs. omnivore debates
  • When you’ve had the junk food stage after realizing that vegan donuts exist
  • img_1327

Signing off for the Sentient,


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