Saving Sunny


It’s no secret that Saving Sunny is one of our favorite local organizations! Saving Sunny works for equal treatment of Pit Bull Terriers by reducing the number of Pit Bulls that go into shelters, rescuing them and giving them a safe home. Two years ago, the Saving Sunny team noticed that a lack of resources seemed to be a common theme among families who were considering giving up their dog pals, so their Community Dog Resource Center was created to make assistance and vital dog necessities more accessible. Even the dogs in shelters have largely benefitted from Saving Sunny’s work. Their dedicated circle of Foster Families teach the dogs manners and integrate them into their homes. On top of all of Saving Sunny’s amazing efforts for our pupper community, no contributor in the organization gets a paycheck, so you know every cent of donations are being put to the best use possible by the most passionate dog lovers. We love the work Saving Sunny Inc. puts in for our four-legged pals, and are so grateful for the positive changes they have made in our Louisville community of animal lovers! Sydni McClain LaFollette, a senior at Western Kentucky University, also admired and appreciated all Saving Sunny does and made a documentary about their work for her capstone. The viewing is at Louis the Ton at 6pm next Tuesday, January 10th (all ages until 8pm). Come out to show Saving Sunny Inc. your support, learn more about everything they do and watch Sydni’s lovely documentary! See you there!

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