Ultimate Holiday Platter Recipe Ideas

Our holiday platters are sure to please simply paired with some wine and bread, but there’s a whole plethora of options for all that meaty, cheesy goodness! Here are some recipe ideas if you’re feeling a little adventurous!


  • Turkey and Gouda Sandwich
  • Vegan Club Sandwich
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Meat Lovers Pizza with Pepperoni, Ham & Sausage
  • Hawaiian Pizza with Ham
  • Ham and Cheddar Sandwich
  • Ham Wellington
  • Stuffed dates (maybe wrapped in Benevolent Bacon!)
  • Cheddar biscuits
  • Quesadillas
  • Thanksgiving inspired sandwich with Turkey & Cranberry Jam
  • Cheese dip
  • Grilled cheese
  • Bruschetta with herbed cheese
  • Pimento Cheese Pinwheels
  • Pimento Mac & Cheese
  • Veggie dip with Herbed Cheese
  • Homemade soft pretzels with Herbed Cheese dip or beer cheese with Cheddar Ball
  • Cheesy soup with Cheddar Ball
  • Bacon & Pimento mini cheese balls
  • Jambalaya or Gumbo with Sausage

Experiment around and let us know what you think! The cruelty-free possibilities are limitless. 🙂

Signing off for the Sentient,


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