Cruelty-Free Fried Chicken Joint


The world just got another fried chicken joint… oh wait, except this one is entirely cruelty-free! Temple of Seitan is taking the oxymoron out of “cruelty-free fried chicken” and taking on the inevitable first all vegan fried chicken joint!  That’s right KFC, BE VERY AFRAID! 😉  This new spot makes their vegan chicken out of “seitan,” a gluten-based alternative common to the vegan world. Temple of Seitan will be putting their chicken in everything from subs, to mac’n’cheese, and serving their seitan-based chicken popcorn style and family style! The only bad news? This fried vegan chicken is calling our names all the way from across the pond! London was lucky enough to get the first vegan chicken joint, but hopefully America will get the memo and be next for a store-front of this juicy, breaded, fried deliciousness! I might just have to book a flight to London soon if not!

Signing off for the sentient,


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