Tyson Buys Into Beyond Meat

“Are vegans making a difference?”


Once again, we have proof that heck yes we are making a difference! The New York Times recently released that the largest meat producer in the United States has bought into an all-vegan meat brand, Beyond Meat! Caring about ethics of animal agriculture has become the latest social trend, and Tyson is finally starting to get the memo! Judging by Tyson’s standard practices for treatment of animals, Tyson is clearly extremely distant from caring about animal ethics, but seeing vegan meat as a prized financial opportunity shows where the crowds are headed! Multiple avenues such as social media, blogs, and YouTube have exposed and spread awareness of animal cruelty to the public far more now than in the past. Unbiased studies not backed by the meat or dairy industry (we see you lobbying, meat and dairy industry!) have come out time and time again now stating that animal derived foods are the most detrimental products to human health. According to Mercy for Animals, increased awareness has resulted in a decline of meat sales by 15% just in the last year, and plant-based proteins are expected to make up a whopping 1/3 of protein sales in the US by 2054. How rad! Hopefully in the near future, the habitual act of eating chicken flesh will become strange enough to where it is no longer common practice; thank goodness we are clearly headed in that direction!

Signing off for the Sentient,


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