Vegan Hygiene Must-Haves

After going vegan, you might realize there will be more to update than just your pantry! A surprising amount of common household items either are tested on animals, or actually contain animal products such as animal fat or bone char. Here are some vegan-approved hygiene products that will keep you clean and cruelty-free!

  • Shampoo: I have been a user of Rehab from Lush ever since becoming vegan! Hair health is the biggest focus of this shampoo, and it definitely shows! This shampoo is primarily made of fruit juices such as pineapple and papaya, and herbal oils like peppermint. It smells great, and leaves your hair shiny and healthy!
  • Conditioner: Happy Happy Joy Joy is another great Lush product to keep on hand! It has a base of almond milk, to make your locks feel super soft!
  • Deodorant: After trying nearly every vegan deodorant known to woman and mankind, The Greeench from Lush takes the cake on being the best deodorant I’ve used yet! You might have to apply it a little more often than normal, but your pits will be stink and sweat free! It uses super fine powders as drying agents, and thyme, rosemary and tea tree to cover up any unpleasant scents on your hardest working and most nerve-wrecking days!


  • Soap: The Loofah Lady and Summer Shade Soaps are both locally made soaps we love! The Loofah lady makes soaps and loofahs in one! And Summer Shade has a variety of colors and scents that will leave your skin smelling great! Both these soaps are made with essential oils, and natural hygiene care is always the way to go!


  • Toothpaste: When looking for a toothpaste that leaves your teeth white and your gums healthy, Himalaya Botanique’s Whitening Care Toothpaste is the way to go! It is also made from several oils and extracts, varying from coconut oil to peppermint and pomegranate. If you want to be extra sustainable, just recently I picked up a RADIUS toothbrush and am in love! There are even interchangable heads to reduce waste, and the bristles are made from vegetable-based nylon! How cool is that?

With an overwhelming variety of vegan hygiene products, we know picking and choosing can be tough! These products have seemed to top all the rest, and we hope you love them too!

Signing off for the Sentient,


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