The 411 on Vegan Meat

What’s the deal with vegan meat? Does it taste like meat? Does eating imitation meat make anyone less of a vegan?

When I first stopped eating animal proteins, I too was slightly skeptical of this mysterious imitation meat – until I realized it really wasn’t as mysterious as I thought! Beans, mushrooms and gluten sound a lot less alarming compared to the questionable practices and products of factory farms. A popular term in a vegan’s dictionary might also include “Tofu,” a non-imitation meat made from soybeans, that is commonly used in place of meat. An even fancier vegan vocab word is “Seitan,” a steak-like vegan protein commonly made from gluten! These days, there’s a vegan version of everything – vegan beef, porkless pork, even vegan ribs! The vegan culinary world has advanced so much, that even some omnivores haven’t been able to decipher the difference between plant-based meats and animal meats.


     Nearly every vegan grew up eating meat and animal products to the point where it has almost become addictive! So of course, if you could have all those flavors we’ve learned to love without harming animals, we’d obviously take the latter! Meat itself is known for its taste by the way it’s cooked and seasoned, so plant-based meats are less focused on the goal of recreating the true raw form of meat, and more focused on recreating the same textures and flavors of different dishes we grew up eating! Curious to try some of these vegan creations? Stop by the Rainbow Blossom Farmer’s Market this Sunday for our pop-up vegan meat and cheese shop! There may or may not be samples! 😉 We’ll see you there!


                                Signing off for the Sentient,


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