Plant-Based Eats in Music City

We came, we ate, we left. Nashville is known for being the music capital of America, but almost as important as the music scene, Nashville has some amazing vegan or vegan by default restaurants! We couldn’t get to them all, but here were some of the options we stumbled across this trip!

  1. Avo: This restaurant takes the cake on creativity! Not only is their entire restaurant vegan, it’s also raw! Raw veganism is becoming more well known for it’s insane health benefits, raw vegan meaning that no food has been cooked or heated over around 100 degrees. But beyond salads, this restaurant has raw pizza, cheesecake, lasagna, a cheese plate, and more! How cool is that?

2. Graze: Breakfast meals are some of the best kind of meals, so our next stop in the morning was a cafe called Graze. Graze had all sorts of delicious typical breakfast fare that would make vegans and omnivores alike go “So you promise this place is vegan?” Some options include breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes and Hollandise Sauce, Mac n Chorizo, and Biscuits and Jam. Not to mention, some amazing juice combinations! This is definitely worth getting up before 10 am on vacation to get!


3. Wild Cow: What could be better than eating in a restaurant decorated with pictures of cute animals you know weren’t harmed for your food? Happy cows make for happy customers! The cheesy spinach and artichoke dip, Reuben, and “steak (seitan)” topped nachos also made us extremely happy customers! This place was proof that a vegetarian claiming they could never give up cheese totally doesn’t have to!

These were just a few of our favorites we were able to get to this trip, all practically guaranteed not to disappoint! Hopefully on your next trip to Nashville, you’ll love these plant-based eats just as much as we did!

Signing off for the sentient,


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