Three Must See Documentaries

“What’s a good documentary for me to watch?” is a common question from people interested in going vegan. It’s great to educate yourself on the importance of veganism not only for your health, but also the environment, and most importantly the animals! Here are three eye-openers that are guaranteed to help you find your way to the term every vegan never thought they would call themselves… Vegan!

  1. Earthlings – Ethics: Earthlings is a documentary revealing the truth behind many industries that depend on the use of animals (Food, Science, Clothing, Entertainment and Pets) that we have been shielded from all our lives. This documentary has been known to turn people vegan even immediately after watching, so of course it is our #1 must see!


2. PlantPure Nation – Health: Immediately after going vegan, you’re going to need some back-up for when others begin to question if the vegan movement is a healthy movement. This movie has some pretty astounding health discoveries, and not only proves how plant-based diets are extremely beneficial to one’s health, but also talks about why vegan eating is so taboo! It is also definitely possible to be an unhealthy vegan, seeing as there is a surprising amount of accidentally vegan junk food out there, so this movie can head you in the right direction when making the switch to a vegan lifestyle!


3. Cowspiracy – Environment : It is said that there is no such thing as a meat eating environmentalist, and this documentary shows you why! This Leonardo DiCaprio produced movie talks about the effects of animal agriculture on our planet, and what will be the most effective methods of change to reduce our potential negative impact on the beautiful world we’re in. Not to mention, this animal agriculture focused documentary also talks about why we’re not talking about it! This is a must see for any and all of our tree hugging friends!

cowspiracy.jpg    All of these movies have deeply affected omnivores and vegans alike. So grab some cashew milk ice-cream, a non-wool blanket, and get your movie night on!

Signing off for the sentient,



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