What is Uplands PEAK?

We had a great time at local farm animal sanctuary, Uplands PEAK this weekend! Uplands PEAK is a non-profit that rescues animals who managed to escape horrific experiences and fates from slaughterhouses. Factory farming conditions often lead to trauma and sickness to the animals, and the sanctuary restores them back to physical and mental health as much as they can, all while surrounding them with the love and resources that have been absent from their lives prior! We do what we can to help those little fellas, and right now they need our support more than ever! The sanctuary is planning on expanding and needs funding to give the animals the safest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible, and right now they are running a COWpaign to do exactly that! This sanctuary is 100% donation and volunteer based, so anything helps! Visiting sanctuaries can be an extremely beneficial experience to realizing the importance of veganism and seeing the gentle, intelligent and loving animals who would be affected otherwise. Unlike zoos, sanctuaries are put in place solely for animal rehabilitation and their comfort is a top priority, rather than focusing on expenses such as tourist attractions and unnecessary landscaping. Here are some pictures we took on our visits to Uplands PEAK and other sanctuaries around the tri-state.

If you haven’t made it out there yet, we definitely recommend checking it out!

Signing off for the sentient,


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