New Jersey 6th Grader Says We Should Create More Social Action Projects!

“I used the resources I was given, and I want people to pass that down and use the things they’re given to create more social action projects—and do it just for fun, and not make it feel like a chore, ” says Marley Dias, 11, of New Jersey. What caught Marley’s attention? There were hardly in black girls in the books she read for school. So she did something about it. Marley launched a campaign to collect 1000 books that feature a black girl as the main character. The book drive and hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks has been a success and reportedly met half it’s goal, and will continue collecting books to send to a school in Jamaica, where Marley’s mother grew up. “When you see a character you can connect with, if they learn a specific lesson, you’re more likely to apply that to your life,” Marley said. Thanks for being an inspiration for all of us to take more positive social actions, Marley!

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 8.37.42 PM

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